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Flyway Express Ltd has a group of excellent professional services team and all the staff with many years experience in international express service indursrty,all of staff has good personal qualities and professional ability, good service attitude with highly work efficiency

Flyway Express has been in a process of "customer success, to meet and exceed customer demand" business philosophy, provide what customer needs, continue to introduce new service for clients with fast and safe post channels and by commercial customers shorten the trade cycle, reduce operating costs, improving product competitiveness, enabling customers to faster and better respond to the market.

Flyway Express provide to customers with more convenient and more secure service delivery process of optical networks used in all self, self-approach and commitment to strengthen the company's infrastructure: building in all major cities in the country to establish its own network, vigorously standardization of work processes, improve the technological content of equipment and systems, while also strengthening the process of optical operations to enhance staff skills and quality, and strive to provide customers with better service, make every effort to create the "Flyway express" the Chinese Express brand.

Flyway Express Express in the development of continuing to draw on past experience, and adhere to the road of scientific development, adhere to the scientific concept of continuous innovation, the most scientific management methods, to constantly improve our service level and service level, in the near future we all must become a higher capacity, faster, stronger.

Provide the value of services for our customers is to seize opportunities, gain competitive advantage and create more value. Therefore, for express delivery businesses, with air transport resources is particularly important, Flyway Express signed an agreement with the airlines, international airlines using dozens of dedicated routes abdominal compartment, responsible for many cities around the world express between deliveries.

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Address£º12D Rennie Drive, Airport Oaks, Mangere, Auckland
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