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Compensation for milk powder shipping

Date: 2011-10-29 11:10Counts:

In the long-distance transport of goods may unavoidable damage, especially in milk are easily damaged items, in damage cases, in order to help you gain the maximum benefit, be sure to do the following 3 points:
1  Reciever have to sign for a recipient (Do not bother to remind the recipient and let the guards, security, friends and other collection).
2  must be on the spot inspection, the signature of the first inspection, if the delivery staff to refuse inspection, please call our-way spot light Guangdong office number, this number will be written in the domestic express one's "Sender's phone No." column.
3  Inspection found a broken face and couriers to verify, and let the members express written in the reprint on the situation. Be sure to keep the recipient reprint. More than 3 points are very important, such as damaged goods found to comply with this Ordinance, three working days, will get full compensation. Otherwise, the company will refuse to any compensation.

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Address:12D Rennie Drive, Airport Oaks, Mangere, Auckland
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