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Important notice

Date: 2011-10-29 11:08Counts:

May we have already heard, the Chinese General Administration of Customs recently issued a series of import for Express, and postal regulations personal belongings. 2010, 43 of which General Administration of Customs (entry and exit on the adjustment of management measures, personal postal matters) on individual items of goods through customs post, the greatest impact. It re-regulated the amount of foreign tax-exempt items, and mail the tax basis, the purpose is to get suppressed in the name of personal goods imported into the customs of the small business act, the Department has an internal characterization of the online shopping from overseas is the largest leak.


This provision will be September 1, 2010 into effect, but because of the Customs to tighten the management of imported goods, leading to the current issue of some goods may, after the September 1 to complete the clearance. If mail is still the standard in accordance with the present, then those after September 1 will clear up in a part of the goods will be faced with different amounts levied by customs tariffs. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, the best from now on the weight of the parcel control 4KG the following, and not in the package with the best cosmetics, sheepskin, quilt, clothes such items. If guests have to send such goods weighing over four kilograms, or if guests need to pay for their tariffs may be the risk. (Cosmetics will be charged for each 50 yuan of tariffs, the value of sheep is 20%, 80 yuan for each quilt tariffs on clothing from 20 yuan -100 per month.)


Recently, in line with the provisions of the Customs implemented, increased supervision and cargo sampling rate, has been omitted to prevent acts of lying. In order to make our customers successful cargo customs clearance, please do the following two points with us: First of all, filling the airwaybie must be provide ture details for sender's name and content of goods, followed by Bixuquebao Mei Yi Piao The goods are a different address and the recipient (except company address).


For the September 1 implementation is about to start the No.43 document, the overseas postal articles and the Internet Shopping Service will have a significant impact. However, there are still many unknowns, such as whether health care products and will give duty-paid price of oil is still the sheep will be classified as cosmetics, Customs will have much enforcement and so on. We will on attention to the Customs Division will be the latest trends, to develop a more rational, economic security of the mail program.

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